Be Prepared Before Severe Weather Strikes

While most people view April as the traditional start of the severe weather season, more than 200 tornadoes have already been confirmed in 2016 due to outbreaks that took place in February. And tornadoes aren’t the only severe weather threat. Consider the torrential rains that dumped as much as 16 inches of rain on the Houston area earlier this week and caused flash flooding throughout the city, paralyzed many areas of the region and led to five fatalities. The reach of similar destructive storms will only expand in the coming months and bring with them dangerous lightning, destructive winds and heavy rains.

Staying safe means preparing your organization and your employees for severe weather before it happens and knowing how to respond effectively when it hits. Learn more about this topic on United Heartland’s Severe Weather Safety webpage where you can find helpful resources and download our Severe Weather Safety flier to share with your employees.