Dental Group Gets Proactive to Help Their Practices Prevent Winter Slips and Falls

With several bouts of snowy, icy weather having impacted the country so far, it’s hard to believe that winter’s official start is still a week away. What United Heartland is excited to hear from many of you is that you’re taking our WalkSafe campaign information to heart and helping your employees plan ahead to avoid slips and falls this winter. Great Expressions Dental Centers, which has 230 locations across 10 states, is one such customer.

Great Expressions has been helping their dental practices prepare for winter by distributing emails filled with useful tips based on each of the WalkSafe themes. They’ve even attached sample posters to be left in their employee’s lunch rooms for that month. Administrators at each practice also share the information with their teams during regularly held staff meetings.

In one email, Great Expressions specifically noted that slips and falls had been a source of employee injury in the past, so their goal this winter is “to have ZERO injuries related to winter slips and falls.” Other tips in the email included:

  • Encouraging employees to assist in identifying potential slip and fall hazards, such as potholes or cracks in parking lots or sidewalks, malfunctioning exterior lights and patches of snow or ice that need to be treated with salt.
  • Asking employees to make sure that front entrance interior mats are in place and in good condition; if they are wrinkled or turned up, they’re asked to fix them so that the person coming in after them does not trip.
  • Reminding locations in snow belt regions to have a salt bucket and scoop in place to be used when freezing rain occurs or snow melt freezes and creates black ice.

These are all excellent steps to take and demonstrate how easy and effective it can be to incorporate our WalkSafe campaign materials into your current safety program protocols. Make sure to explore all of the phases we offer, but especially the materials related to snow and ice removal and ice-melting supplies, especially as the winter storm season kicks into high gear in the weeks ahead.

You can find our full arsenal of winter weather-related tools, from safety checklists to tips on smart phone apps and alerts, by visiting our WalkSafe site today. And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our Risk Connection e-blasts, which provide important information related to WalkSafe topics and other useful safety tips.

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