Get the Word Out About WalkSafe Before the Next Big Storm Hits

Snowy Parking Lot_WEBWhile the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic states bore the brunt of the last big winter storm, another one is brewing this week that’s taking aim at the Midwest and Plains states with as much as a foot of snow and blizzard conditions forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. United Heartland wants to help our customers be proactive and prepare for these big snow events by alerting them to our wide assortment of WalkSafe materials.

Throughout this year’s campaign, it’s been great hearing from our customers about how they’ve implemented our slip-and-fall prevention resources and how they’ve made a difference in keeping their employees safe. Here are two examples of policyholders finding success with WalkSafe:

Jewish Home and Care Center

Based in Milwaukee, Wis., Jewish Home and Care Center has established a task force to tackle slips, trips and falls, not just during winter but throughout the year. As part of their group, they developed a “penguin poster” reminding employees to go “nice and slow on ice and snow” and to walk like a penguin on slippery sidewalks or walkways to avoid slipping. They also developed email blasts for use with employees to alert them if snow was coming and the need to use proper footwear. In addition to these weather-related email blasts, the team also planned to send out “Simple Reminders” every few days and a talking points memo every three or four weeks filled with useful slip-and-fall prevention tips.

Regional West Health Services

Located in Scottsbluff, Neb., Regional West Health Services made sure they were way ahead of any inclement weather by kicking off their winter safety campaign in October. They put up United Heartland’s WalkSafe posters and table tents throughout their facility. They also distributed boot bags for employees to use for their work shoes so they could wear appropriate winter shoes as they walk in and out of the facility. They also alerted employees to high-risk slip-and-fall areas such as parking lots and sidewalks.

These examples illustrate how easy it can be to implement WalkSafe materials at an organization and help to reduce slips and falls during the winter season and year-round. Make sure to explore all the phases, including the materials related to working at elevated levels. This type of risk isn’t confined to the winter season and can pose a risk at any time for employees. Downloadable fliers, posters and table tents discuss three-point contact, ladder safety, fall protection and falls from short distances.

You can find our full arsenal of winter weather-related tools, from safety checklists to tips on smart phone apps and alerts, by visiting our WalkSafe site today. And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our Risk Connection e-blasts, which provide important information related to WalkSafe topics and other useful safety tips.

Want to know more? If you’re a United Heartland customer, contact your loss control representative today. If you’re not a customer, find a UH agent near you!