UH Launches Annual WalkSafe Slip and Fall Safety Campaign

Some people consider snow a “four-letter word.” At United Heartland, we’re not fans of the other four-letter words that often accompany it: slip, trip and fall. To help your employees avoid them and to prepare for the wintry conditions that have already started to appear in several parts of the country, today we’re launching our fourth annual WalkSafe campaign.

Employee safety is our top priority at United Heartland. Thus, all winter long, you can visit our website to access an entire library of materials that provide guidance on weather-related safety. We cover a wide range of safety topics, including:

  • How to prepare your organization for winter weather
  • Winter weather advisories and employee communication systems
  • Snow and ice removal programs
  • Safe vehicle operation and working off-premises
  • Salting and surface treatments
  • The importance of proper footwear
  • he value of strong housekeeping practices
  • How to avoid falls from elevations

This year, to complement the health care-specific materials we created last year, we’ve added materials for those in the education field!

For each topic, you’ll find informative fliers as well as posters you can print and display in your workplace to remind employees of the importance of staying safe this winter. As we kick things off, we would like to call attention to one of the campaign topics especially important now: preparing your organization for winter.

This topic helps you to think about how best to prepare your business for the winter season, including:

  • Reviewing snow removal procedures
  • Tuning up snow blowers and other equipment
  • Hiring a snow removal and surface treatment contractor
  • Updating weather advisory alert systems
  • Obtaining entryway mats and housekeeping supplies

Want to know more? If you’re a United Heartland customer, contact your loss control representative today.

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