UH Launches Seventh Annual WalkSafe Slip and Fall Safety Campaign

cold-weather-road-signThe statistics are shocking.

  • 420,000 people die worldwide after falling.
  • Falls are the second-leading cause of death by injury, after car accidents.
  • Falls cause 32,000 fatalities a year in the U.S.
  • More patients go to emergency rooms in the U.S. after falling than from any other type of incident, including three times the number injured in car accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This is why United Heartland’s WalkSafe campaign – which is in its seventh year – remains so important. Slips, trips and particularly falls can happen to anyone anywhere at any time. Our education and prevention efforts aim to improve and boost awareness of the everyday risks that lead to slips and falls. It’s no surprise that winter weather can be a prime source of these exposures, as the season brings snow and ice, which can often lead to slick, slippery walking surfaces.

Why should businesses care about slip and fall prevention? Consider that for United Heartland policy years from 2010 to 2014, the average total incurred claim cost for falls on snow or ice was $11,511!

That’s a substantial cost for businesses to absorb and illustrates why it’s so important to promote our WalkSafe materials and keep slip, trip and fall prevention top of mind for your employees. Our website provides a wide assortment of materials and resources, including brochures, fliers, posters and checklists, to share within your organization. One of our most popular is a series of short videos which promote a simple slip and fall prevention tip, such as “Walk Like a Penguin.” You can find all the videos here.

Resources are organized by topic, such as snow and ice removal, proper footwear and housekeeping practices, and some are targeted specifically to our health care and education customers. Since winter weather is just starting to arrive in many areas of the country, we recommend preparing your organization for winter. We’ve got resources to help you think about how to best prepare your business for the winter season, including:

  • Hiring a snow removal and surface treatment contractor
  • Reviewing snow removal procedures
  • Tuning up snow blowers and other equipment
  • Updating weather advisory alert systems
  • Purchasing entryway mats and housekeeping supplies

Current agents, policyholders and Risk Connection subscribers will also have access to WalkSafe Quick Tips, a short list of simple slip and fall prevention reminders which can be added to your safety newsletters or emails. Be sure to visit UnitedHeartland.com for more information, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to our Risk Connection e-blasts, which provide important information related to WalkSafe topics as well.