UH Manufacturing Loss Control Campaign: Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

If you don’t think slips, trips and falls are a problem for businesses, think again:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were more than 296,130 non-fatal cases of slips, trips or falls involving days away from work in the United States in 2013.
  • United Heartland STF claims were the second most frequently reported in the manufacturing sector and most costly source of losses from 2008 to 2012.
  • During this period, the average STF claim cost was in excess of $10,000 and was a top loss driver for several of our business segments, including manufacturing.

Because the causes and exposures for slips, trips and falls can be so varied and widespread, particularly in the manufacturing sector, their complex nature can make it seem challenging for managers to try to control. United Heartland’s next phase of its Manufacturing Loss Control Campaign provides resources that can help manufacturers assess their current STF risks and strategize ways to lessen their future exposures. To learn more, click here.