UH WalkSafe Campaign Alert: OSHA Issues New Safety Standards Tied to Slips, Trips and Falls

Snowy Parking Lot_WEBUnited Heartland, which launched our WalkSafe campaign on Nov. 16, isn’t the only organization that sees slips, trips and falls as a major risk for workers. It’s no surprise that OSHA shares these views as well. Just a few weeks ago, the organization issued a final rule on walking-working surfaces and personal fall protection systems that included a specific update of general industry standards related to slip, trip and fall hazards. “The final rule will increase workplace protection from those hazards, especially fall hazards, which are a leading cause of worker deaths and injuries,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels.

These new rules incorporate advances in technology, best industry practices and national consensus standards to protect workers more efficiently and cost effectively. OSHA estimates that the changes will prevent 29 fatalities and 5,482 lost-workday injuries each year. You can read an explainer about the rule and find more including the complete rule text, a fact sheet, FAQs and the press release here.

You can make changes right away to reduce slip, trip and fall injuries by using materials and resources from United Heartland’s WalkSafe campaign. Make sure to explore all of the phases we offer, but especially the materials related to snow and ice removal and ice-melting supplies, especially as snow and ice storms become more prevalent in the weeks ahead. We’ve got resources on ice melting compounds, black ice and safe winter weather work practices.

This year, we’ve added some humor to the campaign with short videos that can be shared with your employees. Each one provides a simple tip on how to avoid slips and falls during this winter season and refers back to our WalkSafe resources. The newest one, “Spread Some Salt,” and previous ones can be viewed here. Additional ones will be released with each phase of our campaign.

Current agents, policyholders and Risk Connection subscribers will also have access to WalkSafe Quick Tips, a short list of simple slip and fall prevention reminders which can be added to your safety newsletters or emails. Be sure to visit us at UnitedHeartland.com for more information, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our Risk Connection e-blasts, which provide important information related to WalkSafe topics as well.