UH WalkSafe Update: Need a Tip? We’ve Got 33 of Them to Keep You Safe This Winter

Shoveling snowWinter weather can strike without warning. Just ask folks in parts of Michigan earlier this week expecting to wake up Monday morning to a forecasted inch or two of snow, but ended up getting anywhere from six to 10 inches. To help you and your employees keep our WalkSafe campaign and its many resources top of mind, we’ve grouped our best tips into a downloadable, easy-to-share flyer. Share all of them at once or copy a few tips into your regular safety newsletters as a simple reminder for your employees.

Speaking of reminders, you’ve still got time to order the salt/sand shakers that we mentioned in our last WalkSafe message. We’ve had a great response to them from customers so far. Cathy Cooper, from North Carolina-based United Church Homes and Services, says the shaker bottles will be great tools for their home care employees when driving to visit clients.

“We don’t have control of the home environment where our staff go to provide care or transport clients,” Cooper said. “The clients are elderly and can’t treat slick spots or walks, so our hope is that the staff can sprinkle a little salt, sand, or ice melt and make a safer walking surface. Each time they see that shaker, they are going to be more conscious of whether a surface is slick or safe. They will also know that we are thinking about them and doing what we can to promote their well-being during bad weather. We want them to be aware of their surroundings.”

To see the shakers in action, make sure to watch our newest WalkSafe video blog, “Shake It Out to Stay Safe” with Loss Control Consultant Monika Gierula explaining how to use the shakers and order them for your business. Contact a United Heartland loss control consultant for more information and don’t miss out!

All of these great resources are on top of the materials already available through our WalkSafe campaign. Take time to explore all the phases we offer, but especially the materials related to creating effective employee communication systems. The type of weather alert systems a company has in place to monitor changing conditions and notifying employees can play a big role in reducing injuries through the winter season. Other materials available include WalkSafe video tips and a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation perfect for sharing at your next safety meeting.

Visit us at UnitedHeartland.com for more information, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our Risk Connection e-blasts, which provide important information related to WalkSafe topics as well.