United Heartland Assists Manufacturer in Identifying Loss Trends, Curbing Associated Behaviors


safety-gearThe manufacturing industry was one of six private industry sectors that saw the number of nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses decline in 2015, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in October 2016. Manufacturing also continued an 18-year trend as the only private industry sector where the rate for cases of “job transfer or restriction only” exceeded the rate of cases involving “days away from work.” This means those working in the manufacturing sector are making strides in keeping their employees working safer with each passing year.

In a similar effort, United Heartland collaborates with many of our manufacturing customers to help improve safety performance. For the Newmar Corporation, an Indiana-based RV manufacturer, it meant analyzing their injuries to help them identify some of the more common injury types by department. A few loss trends and associated behaviors were identified – ladder/step use, use of PPE, aisles kept clear – and a plan was put in place to observe and track these behaviors. The information obtained by Newmar’s safety director and their United Heartland Loss Control representative was then used in communications to employees and to set baselines, goals and rewards.

United Heartland also conducted training for all of Newmar’s supervisors, which included topics, such as:

  • Loss trends and related behaviors that can help reduce these trends.
  • How to provide, appreciative and constructive feedback to employees concerning their safety performance.
  • The use of tracked observations to help motivate employees and show leading indicators for safety.

Newmar’s continued efforts in tracking their employees’ behaviors have been vital to helping them measure the effectiveness of their safety program and its overall performance. United Heartland is eager to work with our manufacturing customers to help them identify solutions and strategies to improve their overall safety performance. It’s also why we’ve developed the resources found in our Manufacturing Loss Control Campaign. Our campaign focuses on the many hazards that can arise in the manufacturing sector and how to protect against them. Topics addressed include slip and fall prevention, chemical safety, injury management and transitional duty.

Visit our campaign website to find links to these topics and to access our downloadable materials. We’re confident you’ll find these useful to share with your employees as you help guide them to safer work practices. As always, please contact your loss control representative with questions, or call us at 1-800-258-2667.