WalkSafe Update: A Little Redirection Helps Long-Term Care Employees Avoid Serious Slip and Fall Risks

snow_footprintsIt takes changing one bad habit to make a difference. Just ask  University Living, a senior living community based in Michigan, that recently took steps to reduce winter slips and falls by blocking a makeshift path that employees had used to get into work and requiring a different entrance route. Last year, employees would walk down a slope from the parking lot to enter a lower level where they would punch in for their shift. When snow and ice would fall, the pathway would become flattened and very slick.

This year, the maintenance director plans to put up snow fencing and signage to block employees from using the path and directing them to use the main entrance. Additionally, they have:

  • Contracted with a snow removal contractor who will handle snow and ice removal as needed.
  • Posted salt bins at main entrances for easy application when needed.
  • Placed additional floor mats at entrances to collect snow and ice as people come and go.

Plus, they plan to share WalkSafe campaign resources with their employees at staff meetings – just like we hope you do too! Our campaign features resources and materials to help you stay on your feet during these upcoming wintry months. We’ve recently added an implementation guide to help you utilize our resources more effectively and also provided a tri-fold 2017 WalkSafe Calendar that you can download and print to help your employees keep WalkSafe issues top of mind throughout the year.

Make sure to explore all of the phases we offer, but especially the materials related to creating effective employee communication systems. The type of weather alert systems a company has in place to monitor changing conditions and notifying employees can play a big factor in reducing injuries through the winter season.

This year, we’ve also added some humor to the campaign with short videos that can be shared with your employees. Each one provides a simple tip on how to avoid slips and falls during this winter season and refers back to our WalkSafe resources. The newest one, “Walk Like a Penguin,” and earlier ones can be viewed here. Others will be released with each phase of our campaign.

Current agents, policyholders and Risk Connection subscribers will also have access to WalkSafe Quick Tips, a short list of simple slip and fall prevention reminders which can be added to your safety newsletters or emails. Be sure to visit us at UnitedHeartland.com for more information, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our Risk Connection e-blasts, which provide important information related to WalkSafe topics as well.