WalkSafe Update: Assessing Year-Round for Slips, Trips and Falls

Spring is right around the corner with much of the country finally breaking out of winter’s icy grip and experiencing a welcome thaw. It still may be a few weeks though before we’re completely done with winter weather and for those mountains of snow to finally disappear. This means that there could still be a few icy patches that will need to be handled as we go through melt and re-freeze cycles.

As we’ve done all winter, United Heartland is here to help you battle slip, trip and fall hazards related to current conditions, as well as transition into STF prevention that can help you keep STF prevention top-of-mind throughout the year. While this is our last communication for our WalkSafe Campaign this season, we’ll be back later this year with continued support for your winter STF needs.

Thank you for your participation in WalkSafe this year. We truly hope we’ve helped you prevent unnecessary STF accidents in your workplace this winter. If you know of others at your organization who would be interested in receiving updates on our WalkSafe campaign or other similar campaigns, please forward them this email or encourage them to subscribe to our monthly Risk Connection e-blasts here. As always, please contact your loss control representative with questions or call us at 1-800-258-2667.