Amanda Sawejka United Heartland Client Relations Coordinator

Q: What is your favorite part of your role as head of the Community Relations Committee?

A: My favorite part of leading the United Heartland Community Relations Committee is getting to know our employees a little better. Everyone has a story, and everyone is shaped by their journey – both the good times and the hardships. Often times, hardships can spark a newfound passion in people, and create a special connection between them and an organization, or a mission, or people who share similar experiences. When employees share a deeper, more vulnerable piece of their story with our team and ask for support of an organization or event that they’re passionate about – it’s at that moment you realize how many kind-hearted, selfless people you’re surrounded by. I love hearing these stories and learning more about what made these individuals who they are. This committee is a part of what makes United Heartland a great place to work and it’s rewarding to be a part of that.

Q: Can you tell me about a specific event you volunteered for or organized this year? Was it a success? Why?

A: One event I was especially proud of this year was the Caring & Sharing Campaign. This year, we decided to spice things up and instead of doing the standard events, employees formed three teams and each team was responsible for hosting an event of their choice to raise funds for charity. One team created a spa and lounge area, another team hosted a lunch and played several rounds of The Price is Right, and the third team was hoping do a car wash, however, Mother Nature had other plans and it turned into a cubical cleaning instead. Each event was successful and awarded many employees with fantastic prizes that the teams solicited themselves. Taking a chance on trying this new method allowed many people to be involved in the process, generated competitive spirit between the teams, and most importantly created a lot of fun for all involved while generating donations for our chosen charities!

Q: Do you feel like United Heartland is the type of place where this type of community involvement is celebrated?

A: Absolutely! From sharing our employee’s children’s fundraising opportunities to supporting an organization’s gala event, United Heartland is an organization that truly supports and cares about its employees on a personal level. Not only do we supply opportunities for monetary donations throughout the year, but we also encourage employees to donate their time. Volunteering can be a very self-fulfilling experience and we want to be a part of that. Our employees are amazing! So many of them are already out in the community and making a difference on their own…we’re just here to support and celebrate those individuals and to foster even more opportunities for those looking to get involved.