Slip, Trip and Fall Safety is Critical All Year Long

Throughout the WalkSafe campaign, we focus on the slip, trip and fall (STF) exposures that arise during winter. Each phase provides resources to help our customers reduce the potential for these accidents and related injuries. We also want to provide additional resources you can use to combat a variety of slip, trip and fall injuries, not just incidents related to winter weather.

This information offers you a broader view of the overall STF problem and provides a deeper perspective on the various control techniques that can be implemented to combat these injuries.

Remember we’re here to help with STF program development. Our staff will perform an analysis of your STF loss drivers, conduct an STF assessment and outline an action plan for improvement, as well as assist you with your STF training needs and provide additional resource materials. Browse our library materials below and the sections on the right for more information.

We’re committed to providing customers unrivaled loss control services and safety materials. As always, please contact our Loss Control team for assistance or to get answers to your safety questions.

Library Materials