Ice-Melting Supplies: A Must for Every Organization

Providing safe walking surfaces for your employees is a must, especially when winter weather hits. By using ice melter on sidewalks, parking lots and other frequently traveled areas, you will be protecting your employees from slip and fall accidents while they work.

Always keep ice melters on hand and stock more than you expect you’ll need. Remember, ice-melting products are far cheaper than insurance claims and other costs associated with winter weather slips and falls.

Below are some things to keep in mind:

  • Falls are a huge liability for business owners. Many regulatory bodies have legislation that requires a business to take some action to prevent slips and falls. By doing nothing, business owners open themselves up to legal action.
  • Less is usually more when it comes to ice melters. Overusing the product can lead to it being unnecessarily tracked into the facility, and can burn the vegetation near where the product is used.
  • Following directions for ice melters is important for determining quantity and to ensure proper personal protective equipment is being used during application.
  • How quickly de-icers work varies depending on the materials the product is made from. It’s important to use products that melt at the temperatures that generally occur in your region.
  • Tracked-in ice melter is unattractive and can damage floors and other surfaces. The best way to prevent ice melt from being tracked into the building is by using track mats both inside and outside your entrances, and to clean them up with a mop or vacuum throughout the day.

With the tools United Heartland is providing on this subject, which can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnails below, you’ll have everything you need to know about keeping your walkways free of ice and snow.

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