Executive Support Decreases Claims Costs by 70% – Social Services

June 12, 2017

Casa Central, based in Chicago and the largest Hispanic social service agency in the Midwest, became a United Heartland customer at the end of 2014. During that year, they had 47 claims with total incurred costs of more than $209,000. Working with United Heartland, Casa Central developed a loss control service plan focused on loss leaders and job hazards. Elements of this plan included support from their president and other key executives, as well as:

  • A strong partnership with loss control and a willingness to improve
  • A non-slip shoe program
  • Increased safety meetings, employee safety engagement and recognition
  • Customized safety videos
  • An active safety committee
  • Development of a participant handling program
  • Development of procedures for several home care tasks
  • Data analysis
  • Post-injury management, including a strong return-to-work program and formalized accident investigation and claim reporting

Casa Central’s efforts have made a difference. Compared to two years earlier, the total number of claims dropped by 62% to 18 in 2016 and total incurred costs were just shy of $63,000 – an impressive 70% decrease from 2014.

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