Telemedicine — Medical Help That’s Just a Call Away

As part of United Heartland’s commitment to providing our customers with resources to keep their employees safe as well as support when injuries occur, we’re now offering a new telemedicine service — TeleCompCare®. This 24/7 nurse triage and telemedicine program gives injured workers quick access to medical care from experienced triage nurses.

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How TeleCompCare® Works

When an employee is injured in the workplace and requests medical treatment, a supervisor can direct the injured worker to United Heartland’s TeleCompCare® hotline. There, a trained triage nurse can provide an initial assessment, refer the patient to medical care when appropriate and connect them with a telemedicine occupational doctor via live video conference on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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The Benefits of TeleCompCare®

One minute or less is the average wait time to speak to a triage nurse. Fifteen years of experience in primary and urgent care held by Tele Comp Care doctors. Zero number of opioids prescribed when using telemedicine provider.

This service has many benefits. By connecting employees to appropriate quality care, TeleCompCare® can help prevent minor injuries from becoming more complicated — and help you keep your employee on the path to wellness. The triage report also acts as the first step in reporting the claim and beginning the First Notice of Loss process.

  • Immediate treatment can occur via a telemedicine virtual doctor’s visit for many workplace injuries
  • With a telemedicine virtual visit, there is no scheduling or need to attend in-person appointments
  • Injured workers avoid lost time from work
  • Increased use of our provider network physicians can lead to decreased overall claim costs
  • Needed prescriptions, physical therapy and durable medical equipment can be ordered by doctors during virtual visits

To learn more or to sign up, contact your business development consultant.

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Register for TeleCompCare®

Policyholders, agents and carrier users can enroll a policy on our secure Digital Customer Portal. Once the required information is entered in each tab, enrollment can be completed and a TeleCompCare® number will be provided. For a step-by-step overview of the registration process, please refer to our TeleCompCare® portal registration guide.