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Lezage Training Center

Unlimited, free-of-charge, 24/7 access to an online training system provided by the Lezage Training Center is available to all our policyholders. This system is quickly deployed with minimal staff training. It couples training modules on safety and human resources topics with easy-to-use administrative features to give an employer everything they need to run an effective employee training program.

The Lezage system features over 200 interactive training modules, quizzes, completion certificates, individual and group training, electronic training records, modules in Spanish and more.

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Clinical Education for Health Care Customers

United Heartland has developed a partnership with Relias, a provider of clinical educational resources. Policyholders who purchase one of Relias’ available packages will have the opportunity to access focused learning solutions with tracking and reporting capabilities, as well as health care industry-specific trainings, through the Relias Learning Management System (LMS).

As part of this partnership, United Heartland policyholders are eligible for a discount on Relias solutions on new Relias contracts. For more information, contact the Relias sales team.

Transportation Safety Tools

United Heartland wants to help your drivers make better decisions behind the wheel. We partnered with Smith System, a leading vehicle crash-avoidance training and solutions company to offer safe driving resources to our policyholders.

As part of this partnership, United Heartland policyholders are eligible for a discount on Smith System solutions. For more information, contact Clark MacAlpine.

United Heartland Resource Library

Find everything you need, from information on safe handling of chemicals and emergency preparedness, to preventing slips and falls and weather-related precautions. All resources are downloadable for easy sharing with employees as you work with United Heartland to create a culture of safety.

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