Customer Takes Down Silos, Finds Solutions – Manufacturing

July 18, 2018

Edstrom Industries, LLC designs and manufactures product solutions that improve efficiencies throughout the world in pharmaceutical, educational, governmental, biotechnology, agricultural and other markets.

We discovered that Edstrom was interested in a United Heartland ergonomics analysis in various areas of their manufacturing plant. Together, we discussed several options for this type of analysis, and Edstrom selected an interactive approach to drive conversation between staff and management about workplace wellness.

After gaining approval from employees to record their daily work functions, the team filmed several areas of the manufacturing plant. Once we prepared and pre-evaluated the recordings, we sat down with Edstrom employees, managers and supervisors for a collaborative evaluation. This resulted in an engaging conversation about potential improvements for difficult tasks. This type of engagement between employees and senior management helps drive buy-in on possible solutions.

By understanding potential risks, Edstrom can take a more systematic approach to preventing injuries, driving workplace wellness and reducing the number of potential claims.

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