Accident Review Board Lowers Loss Costs and Premium – Social Services

March 15, 2019

United Heartland partner, Elim Christian Services – an organization that serves individuals with disabilities – put controls in place to create a safer environment for their employees and individuals served. Elim has since seen a dramatic improvement.

In 2012, due to increasing loss frequency and severity, our UH agent partner suggested that Elim form an accident review board. The idea was well-received by Elim’s leadership team, and later that year, the Accident Review Board (ARB) was established.

The ARB is a committee whose goal is to provide a safer working environment for employees and individuals served. The committee treats each accident as a learning experience and identifies opportunities to prevent similar types of accidents. Comprised of members from the executive, leadership and human resources teams, as well as the insurance agent, insurance agency safety consultant and a member of the UH loss control team, the ARB meets once a month to review employee accidents that occurred during the previous month. The employee and their immediate supervisor attend the meeting to provide a detailed description of how they were injured, and together, the entire team discusses how to improve to prevent recurrence of similar accidents.

Since the ARB was formed, several areas of improvement have helped the organization reverse the increasing claim trend, which includes:

  • Engaging the leadership team in improving safety
  • Allocating capital to improve safety
  • Improving accident reporting, investigation, root cause analysis and corrective action
  • Hiring additional staff that specialize in behaviors (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)
  • Working with external behavior consultants
  • Purchasing new protective equipment for staff
  • Changing the organization’s behavior management program
  • Implementing the improvements that are discussed during the monthly meetings

The tables below outline the impact the Elim Accident Review Board has had since October 2012. In addition to improved data points below, the team at Elim has noticed a marked improvement in employee morale and safety culture.

Pre-Accident Review Board Post-Accident Review Board
Avg. number of WC claims per year 60 56
Average size of WC claim $5,371 $3,210
WC Experience Mod 1.25 0.87
Premium $660,013 $377,983
Net rate $4.88 $2.55
Loss ratio 87%

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