Let’s Talk About Safe Driving

June 2018

Safe Driving

OSHA reminds us that motor vehicle crashes cost employers nearly $60 billion annually in medical care, legal expense, property damage and lost productivity. In fact, in 2016, fatal injuries among transportation and material moving occupations increased by 7%, the highest number since 2007 – accounting for more than one-quarter of all work-related fatalities.

Rain or Shine Safety Behind the Wheel is a Priority

The UH Road to Safety campaign provides employers and their employees useful information covering several driving-related topics, like defensive driving, fatigued driving, accident investigations and hiring for safety.

For more information about our driving campaign and to access a library of useful, downloadable materials visit: United Heartland: Road to Safety.

Motor Vehicle Fleet Safety Program

The UH Motor Vehicle Fleet Safety Program ensures that those who undertake driving as part of their everyday operations follow uniform fleet/driver safety regulations. The program is centralized around three primary topics: Operating vehicles safely, safe drivers and passengers, and minimizing potential losses/damages/claims – and focuses on the following areas:

  • Driver licensing and qualifications
  • Obtaining and understanding driver history using Motor Vehicle Records
  • Rules for using company vehicles for personal use
  • Vehicle maintenance and inspection, and the responsibility of authorized drivers
  • The use of personal vehicles for business
  • Traffic violations, fines for parking and theft
  • Steps to take should an accident occur
  • General fleet safety rules such as:
    • Safety belt usage
    • Vehicle maintenance schedules
    • Traffic regulations
    • Guidelines for passengers

More Safe Driving Resources

Additional Assistance

If you’re interested in learning more about the United Heartland Motor Vehicle Fleet Safety Program, customers should contact their designated loss control consultant or Loss Control Tech Advisor Clark MacAlpine.

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