Spring Storms Can Lead to Slick Roads

Spring Storms Can Lead to Slick Roads

Although spring is just around the corner, icy roadways can creep up on a moment’s notice. Driving in snowy, slushy, icy conditions can make for a dangerous situation — and for some, can be downright stressful. To help take some of the risk out of potentially treacherous travel, follow the tips below.

Considerations before you hit the road:

  • Get a tune-up and be sure to check the battery levels.
  • Check radiator coolant and sturdiness of hoses and belts.
  • Check for burned out headlights, tail lights and turn signals.
  • Check tire tread and wear — minimum tread is 1/16″ for adequate traction.
  • Make sure brakes are in proper working order.
  • Keep spare window washer fluid in the trunk and make sure the washer blades are in good working condition.

When you’re on the road: 

  • Leave plenty of room between vehicles.
  • Plan for extra time commuting.
  • Stay in the lane that has been cleared most recently.
  • Avoid abrupt actions remembering to steer and brake gently.
  • Pass other vehicles only if absolutely necessary.
  • Always wear your seat belt!

And when you reach your destination:

  • Find a well-lit area to park with snow-cleared walking paths.
  • Sprinkle salt/sand mixture on slick spots outside your vehicle using a portable shaker bottle.
  • When exiting your vehicle:
    • Turn entire body toward open vehicle door.
    • Place both feet on the ground to test the surface.
    • Keep one hand on a steady surface such as the car door while standing up.
  • Don’t carry too much, try to keep load(s) balanced.

While weather conditions that increase the slipperiness of outdoor surfaces can’t be controlled, slips and falls can be avoided or reduced through careful attention to – and maintenance of – sidewalks, curbs and parking lots.

For more information on winter travel, as well as resources on snow and ice removal, proper footwear, salting and more, visit our WalkS.A.F.E. campaign page.

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