Social Services – Loss Control Success through Analysis and Collaboration

September 5, 2018

We recognize that no two social service organizations are the same. They vary by the needs of the individuals served and the range of services provided, which themselves can be diverse and complex. Learn how collaboration to overcome obstacles and drive change has led to success with UH partner, Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency.

Collaborative Success: Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency and United Heartland

Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency (ENHSA) is a UH partner supporting individual and employee safety. Providing education and guidance on safe assisting and proper patient transferring has been at the forefront of ENHSAs culture for many years and their team continues to drive positive change with United Heartland’s support.

ENHSA team members, employees and location managers diligently track where injury or near-miss-injuries have occurred. With valuable information in hand, the ENHSA team collaborates with United Heartland to develop highly targeted educational and support programs, instrumental in mitigating risks to employees and supported individuals. In fact, their efforts have resulted in the following loss control achievements:

  • Development of employee training/feedback sessions to identify situations with specific challenges
  • Observation of employees with manual job tasks to identify the need for, and purchase of, new equipment such as hi/low tables, lift equipment/slings, as well as provide recommendations for mobility procedure modifications
  • Specialized one-on-one support and guidance on using new equipment and safe lifting techniques

The collaboration between United Heartland and Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency has not only promoted employee and supported individual safety, but also helped ENHSA remain committed to enhancing procedures for safe individual handling on an ongoing basis.

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A Growing Segment

Check out our latest vlog to learn more about the social services segment, the unique risk factors these employees face and United Heartland’s commitment to helping keep employees safe on the job through dedicated, expert loss control service.

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